Who We Are

Who We Are?

Our company, specialized in the sales and distribution of electronic products, provides factory customers, terminal customers, and trade customers with supporting services for a full range of electronic components and products, and has certain advantages in the source of goods, including IC, integrated circuits, diodes, triodes, transistors, field-effect transistors, MOS tubes, silicon controlled rectifier, various types of resistors, resistors, inductors, thermistors, varistors, photoresistors, various types of capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, Low-voltage capacitors, high-voltage capacitors, connectors, various switches, connectors, power modules, high-frequency tubes, filters, mixers, attenuators, sensors, crystal oscillators, and so on (patch, in-line, all kinds of packages, all major brands, and stock are complete).


Military and civilian ICs are relatively unpopular, and the production of ICs has been discontinued. They have a certain inventory. All the products mentioned above are genuine products of the original brand of the original factory.

We promise the lowest price in the market and guaranteed quality. We have actual purchasing intention and offer high prices, which can be negotiated and given target prices. We try our best to coordinate the offer and promote cooperation. Welcome new and old customers to consult and negotiate

The team of our company has been actively participating in the world's major electronic components exhibition, aiming at showing the company's overall scale image, and it passed the ISO9001: 2015 quality system certification in 2019.With the principle of "integrity-based, customer-electric,quality-oriented, price-oriented, service-driven development", we will do our utmost to provide our customers with the best products and services.

We will keep improving the company's sales network around the world, to create real and lasting value for customers,and to create opportunities for employees, which can help them to develop continuously. We sincerely hope that we can be your best partner in the distribution of components!